About us

At Greater Good Marketing, we value the priceless relationships we establish with our client base as well as the countless relationships we hold within the community in which we work, live, and serve.

Day in and day out, we work side-by-side with small to medium-sized businesses to address their marketing needs with strategies that are efficient and effective.

Shawnessy Schwartz

Founder & Owner

Motto: What's next?

Personality: Minnesota nice

Passion: Building relationships that allow us to do more for our clients

Armed with a passion for diving in and getting my hands dirty, my absolute favorite part of what I do is the relationships. Most of our clients have been with us for years, a fact that I attribute to the commitment we show our clients and their companies. An impassioned wordsmith, I love helping clients tell their stories in ways that inspire and inform their audience across a variety of mediums while harnessing the results that help grow their business. And, as a card-carrying member of the Type A personality club, my clients appreciate an approach that ensures they are always on track and never left in the dark.

Greater Good Marketing is comprised of owner Shawnessy Schwartz and a team of experienced consultants who lend their time and talent to deliver smart, resourceful and comprehensive marketing support to a wide range of companies across multiple industries.


The Greater Good

Greater Good Marketing believes that to be great, you need to believe in something bigger than yourself. We embrace a company culture where greater good is more than our motto, it’s our mission. From day one, we’ve made a pledge to give back to local charities, believing that working for the greater good of others is the key to our success.